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The Red Tent ~ healing arts center for women, is the culmination of a collective dream whose time has come... that every woman not only needs, but deserves a safe sanctuary where her physical, emotional and spiritual health, within all cycles of her life are honored. That within every cell of every woman, is the knowing of what is best for her own highest good. The Red Tent symbolizes the creative power, radiance and inner beauty that each woman holds within her... waiting for the perfect time to be released... so she may find her Self, be herself and live her full potential as a radiantly healthy, happy Woman, Mother, Grand Mother, Daughter,Grand Daughter and Sister.

The creative spark for this mecca of womanhood came from the novel, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamante. I had read this book many years ago just as I began to attend births myself as a birth doula. I was struck by the feeling of oneness I had felt for all women as I read about their sisterhood inside the Red Tent. I realized these wise woman had been passing on their great knowledge of the earth and all of her stores... plants, animals, of feminine mysteries, fertility, pregnancy, birth, menopause for eons...The Red Tent was the menstrual hut of sorts for this nomadic culture. Inside the Red Tent, women had gathered by choice to menstruate, birth their babies, live life, end life, heal their bodies, dreams their dreams and sooth their sorrows.

And so the story goes of this now modern Red Tent....In the spring of 2007, I was struck by divine inspiration and this web site and concept was born out my own deep knowingness, that these mysteries and secrets must be passed on...It's time had work their magic in this place...and so the vision of this center for women's well being came into be-ing. Where ancient feminine wisdom would be blended with modern science of today in perfect alchemy. By weaving preventative and restorative therapies with modern science, the Red Tent is a sanctuary for healing the body, heart and soul of all women to honor all cycles of life.

I had no idea how this shelter for women would be manifested. I only knew what my own hands could do... but I needed more women, more healers...the wise women, and so they came, each radiant woman, one by one, made there way here...and keep coming...each in her own time and with her own gifts and wisdom that had been passed on to her. Each one of these wise women has a gift for you, in each treatment and consultation here, each workshop, each class, you will find something you have been looking for...

Sisters, it time to deepen ourselves; take responsibility, to heal our bodies, minds & spirits consciously...We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life's journey.

In Peace, Love & Light,



“The Red Tent is a full-featured women's wellness boutique & healing arts center treating pain and disease, anxiety, women's health, menopause, fertility and more.
With, acupuncture, chinese & herbal medicine, massage & manual therapies, yoga, mind / body therapies and more, we heal the whole woman, mind, body & spirit.
The Red Tent does not provide medical care.


Healing the whole woman.... in The Red Tent

Since ancient times women have gathered by choice inside the warm cozy space of the Red Tent to heal their bodies, revive their spirits, dream mystical dreams and renew their innate feminine power. Women gathered together, relieved of their daily responsibilities and were cared for by women. Sheltered inside the Red Tent during their cycles of birthing, menses and times of transformation, and with the cycles of the moon, they celebrated, healed, transformed together and shared their wwisdom.

A "Tent" is a portable shelter, to be used whenever and where ever you may need it. "Red" is a color; n. any of a group of colors that may vary in lightness and saturation and whose hue resembles that of blood; one of the additive or light primaries; one of the psychological primary hues.

Sisters, it time to deepen ourselves; take responsibility, to heal our bodies, minds & spirits consciously. We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life's journey.

We invite you...
To come experience our now modern Red Tent; A wise woman's place providing alternative, integrated health care and nurturing therapies delivered in a relaxing spa like environment. The care, support and treatments you receive here are specially designed to complement the medical care you may already be receiving and in many instances The Red Tent's specialized, most sought after treatments, services, workshops & classes designed for women's health & wellness, offer relief from symptoms and healing currently unavailable with standard mainstream approaches.

Find nurturing support, breakthrough information and intuitive therapies designed to:

  1. lead young girls into womanhood powerfully
  2. embrace all aspects and cycles of the reproductive years
  3. manage the realities, barriers and loss in life
  4. release what’s no longer necessary
  5. realize your birthright of feminine power  

Coming into the collective circle is like hanging with your girl pals for a weekend, yet unlike anything you have ever known.  Connecting to a source of wisdom, yet also providing others with necessary support is a thrill with far reaching results.  The centering will carry you through the hectic, disjointed lives we lead today. 

Find your way to the Red Tent… Find your way back to yourself, find your way to The Red Tent, but first tell someone else what you have found. 

You will experience...


For the breasts, womb, ovaries, muscles, spine, mind, body & spirit. You will nurtured by safe, healing practices that are artfully blended to integrate the edge of science with ancient healing techniques for the purpose of supporting you during conception, health & wellness, times of stress, illness, injury, menopause,pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Healing teas, nutritional support, herbal remedies and food for thought in our unique women's boutique for health, well being & inspiration. You'll be soothed by our warm hearts, wisdom, giving the body, heart, and mind space to rest in stillness, revitalizing your receptivity to life & love.

Ancient healing arts
Opening channels of energy to cleanse and renew your mind, body & spirit with maya abdominal massage, acupuncture, naturopathic & Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage, energy treatments, chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, yoga, women's workshops & more, it's your choice...

Resting, dreaming, sharing sisterhood...

Wise women
With many decades of experience & specialization in women's health, our dedicated, professional, licensed & certified staff of practitioners welcomes you, we are ready to serve you and your wellness needs with open hearts & hands. Our circle of women provide, healing plant knowledge, acupuncture, therapists, healers, teachers & massage therapists all gather to help you design a plan to improve your well being, and deliver just the right services to achieve your goals in the kindest most caring way possible.

Much of women's healing culture has been forgotten or held close & secret. Your experience at The Red Tent is a continual weaving of the ancient feminine traditions and a sharing of visions of new possibilities for our time.

Modern science
Our therapies compliment the medical care you may already be receiving for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, illness, injury, stressful times, emotional trauma, & well being. We artfully blend ancient feminine wisdom with edge of science, all offered to you in the serene, warm & comforting space here inside The Red Tent.

wise women will nurture you with massage, acupuncture, chinese & naturopathic therapies, yoga, meditation, energy healing and and much more...Our holistic approach will provide you with the tools for healthier living, for all cycles, from your first moon to your last.

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