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Breast Health
The Red Tent's Breast health Program

Essential to every women's beauty routine is the care of her breasts. A simple and nurturing way women can encourage healthy, vibrant and beautiful breasts is with Breast Massage.

Yet most women at some time in their life experience symptoms like congestion and tenderness in our breasts. Most women will experience during their lifetime conditions related to the breast. This includes premenstrual breast pain, swelling, tenderness, fibrocystic breast lumps, discomforts with breastfeeding, scar tissue or problmes with any breast surgery and just simply recovering gracefully from mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast massage may be an important therapeutic modality for easing or preventing breast related conditions. Life cycle changes are associated with a variety of breast discomforts. Massage therapy is a gentle and effective way to promote breast health and help relieve breast tissue symptoms.

We are all concerned about monitoring for breast tissue changes. The massage therapist is also a skilled palpator who can support the routines of regular breast monitoring.


Breast and Full Body Thermography

Breast Surgery Massage

A progressive, nurturing massage treatment designed to address the unique consequences, pain and mobility issues experienced by women who have undergone breast surgery, including mastectomy, augmentation, explantation and reduction.  This exclusive massage utilized advanced techniques to help reduce post operative pain and scar tissue, remove harmful toxins, increase range of motion and speed recovery.

For maximum benefit, We recommend a series of six treatments.

Much of women's healing culture has been forgotten or held close & secret. Your experience at The Red Tent is a continual weaving of the ancient feminine traditions and a sharing of visions of new possibilities for our time...

Breasts have many meanings in our lives. They are symbolic of our femininity, our sexuality, and our ability to nurture our children. This symbolism, and the experiences and sensitivities that result from it, can cause us to overlook the fact that our breasts are body tissues with ordinary tissue needs. We can be uncomfortable seeing to those needs, or uncertain how to go about doing so. society around us often helps reinforce ambivalent feelings about our breasts and breast health.

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