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Allow Yourself to Bloom!

Imagine, for a moment, what life would be like if you were free from your fears, concerns, and self-imposed limitations.  Who would you be?  How would you look and feel?

Hypnosis is a process of delightful relaxation and self healing.  Let us take you through the process with ease and you to the results you need. The concept of hypnosis need not be intimidating since no one can make you do anything with which your subconscious doesn't agree.

In the comfort and safety of The Red Tent, we help women change habits, get motivated, reduce anxiety, live healthy lifestyles and achieve their goals.  Let us welcome you into our relaxing space and gently guide you to that healing place to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Woman Centered Hypnosis…
is an incredible adventure intended for self are kindly and gently lead towards your goals with a custom plan delivered with deep understanding. 
It is used for changing unwanted behaviors, manifesting dreams and clearing emotional issues that no longer serve you. 
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring and relaxed state of increased awareness where we can bypass the conscious part of the mind. 
This is the level that hypnosis and NLP use to make deep and lasting positive changes in behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Change your mind...change your life!

Maybe I can’t be hypnotized?
There are two types of people who can't be hypnotized: those who are afraid and/or those who do not want to be hypnotized. Anyone else can easily enter into a state of deep hypnosis with a skilled hypnotist.
Is Hypnosis "Legitimate"?
Hypnosis has been (and continues to be) extensively researched, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated over and over again. As a result of high-tech imaging techniques and the emerging field of neuroscience, scientists have demonstrated the influence of hypnosis on the brain. Hypnosis is taught at medical schools and is in use at major medical centers wordwide. It may be referred to as guided imagery, creative visualization, or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) which are actually techniques used as part of the hypnotic process. There have been numerous clinical studies on the use of hypnosis in smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, pain control, healing, and more. Even the government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) have conducted studies demonstrating the benefits of hypnosis.
What Is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a powerful vehicle for change.  When you are in a hypnotic state, your body relaxes, your range of focus narrows, brain wave activity shifts, and you are receptive to positive suggestions that are in harmony with your goals. The analytical and intellectual part of your mind (the conscious) quiets down; and the part of your mind that determines much of your behavior and stores feelings, emotions, and memories (your subconscious mind) is more easily accessed. In this state, it is easier to recall and even re-experience events. Hypnosis is a natural and spontaneous state—one that you’ve been in many times without realizing it—like when you're caught up in a good book, movie, or TV program, or when you "zone out" while driving your car.
What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotized?
Within a matter of minutes, the cares and concerns of the day leave you. Tense muscles relax and other positive physiological changes take place. Some clients report feeling "light and floaty," while others say they feel like they’re "melting into the chair." Others say they have no concept of their body whatsoever. Everybody’s experience is unique. It’s been said that being in hypnosis for even a few moments creates the feeling of having slept for hours. Yet, when you are in a hypnotic state, you are focused and your subconscious mind is very receptive to positive suggestions. You hear everything that is being said, and you respond to questions if they are asked. You are always in control of your responses and behaviors. Your ability to enter a hypnotic state increases with each session—and with the practice of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is not sleep.
Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?
Just about anyone who wants to be, can be. Our brains are hardwired for hypnosis, and you’ve spontaneously entered this state many times. People who could encounter difficulties with hypnosis would include those with organic brain damage, difficulty processing simple information, those with severe psychiatric disorders, and those who do not wish to enter a hypnotic state. It would not be appropriate for me to see people who fall into those categories.
Are There Any Side Effects Or Dangers Related To Hypnosis?
There are no dangers related to the appropriate use of hypnosis—and there are a number of benefits in addition to those already noted. Because hypnosis tends to quiet the body and mind, many clients report a greater ability to handle stress, and note that their sleep quality has improved.
Do You Work Only With Women?
Women comprise the majority of my client base.  The focus at The Red Tent is on health and wellness for women however, I am also happy to work with children.
What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
NLP is the study of how it is possible to influence the mind through language.
Neurothe mind, how we think, feel  and imagine…                                  
Linguistic the language— speaking, written and unwritten                       
Programmingthe technical side of how to influence the mind through language

Hypnosis & NLP can successfully help you...

Manage Weight
Reduce Stress
Increase Self Esteem
Overcome Fears
Change Habits
Enhance Self Healing
Release Anger & Guilt
Attract Abundance
Eliminate Limiting Decisions
Enhance Relationships
Overcome Fertility Challenges


Our unique hypnotherapy program does more than just relax you while in session. You'll learn to easily find that relaxed state that opens the door to conception, whether natural or medically assisted.

You have probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to any harmful element. Why, then, would you allow destructive habits and thought patterns to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive?We can help you to transform that fearful energy into a powerful, constructive force. Hypnotherapy is safe, requiring no drugs or expensive equipment. HypnoFertility works well alone or in conjunction with our other pre-conception treatments and it can also be mixed with almost any medical procedure,including IVF & IUI, with impressive results. Natural fertility has come as a pleasant surprise for our clients, even those for whom assisted methods have failed.

Each year millions of dollars are spent to overcome infertility. While modern medicine has improved, vast amounts of cash and emotion are spent in pursuit of pregnancies that never happen. Hypnotherapy represents a safe and powerful way of increasing fertility.

Hypnofertility® pricing

4 Sessions (1-1.5 hrs each) = $550
Additional Individual Sessions = $125 (1-1.5 hrs.)

*Free initial consultation

Your new baby is waiting to meet you!

Hypnofertility® pricing

4 Sessions (1-1.5 hrs each) = $550
Additional Individual Sessions = $125 (1-1.5 hrs.)

*Free initial consultation


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