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Package Specials

Pick 2 services, one from each column and save $25

Choose one service from this column
(All services are 30 min unless noted otherwise)
AND Choose one service from this column
(All services are 90 min)

Yoni Checkup: Gyn consultation for any gynecological concerns such as fertility, women’s wellness, family planning, etc. ($75)

Goddess Annual Checkup: Complete gentle well woman exam, breast exam, and Pap smear per ASCCP guidelines (pap lab work included) ($180)

Birth Story Consultation: Deepen your understanding of your own birth story for self-empowerment and begin a process to release of unresolved birth trauma ($75)

Full Breathwork Session: Use the power of your breath to bring spontaneous healing & joy to your life. Work through stress, anxiety and trauma in a gentle supportive way to shed old patterns and move forward in your life with grace & ease ($150)

Angel card private reading: Gain clarity and spiritual guidance from your angels, spirit guides and masters. Step forward into life with self-confidence and angelic guidance. ($75)

Past life regression: Knowledge of our past releases us from negative influences & emotional traumas within the unconscious, helping us to achieve mind/body alignment in the present ($150)

Chakra balancing: Cleanse, balance and recharge your chakras and energetic centers in order to restore a deep sense of well being and open your mind, body and spirit to receive healing on all levels. ($60)

Spiritual Breakthroughs with the Tarot: Explore your karmic lessons, your challenges and your spiritual gifts so you can heal your most intimate relationships, including the relationship with yourself ($100)

60 min Red Tent Signature Massage: This massage will be created just for you using techniques that meet your individual needs and conditions. Focus on pampering, relaxation & stress reduction. ($75)

90 min Massage of your choice: Red Tent Signature Massage, Hot Bamboo Massage or Maya Abdominal Fertility Massage, customized for your individual needs & conditions ($110/$120/$150)

Chinese Medicine Relax & Recharge: Pick a focus for mini acupuncture treatment: stress/detox, digestive issues/weight loss, pain/tension relief or increasing energy/stamina ($75)

Chinese Medicine, Pamper Me Baby: Nurturing full acupuncture evaluation & session with aromatherapy, hand/foot scrub and additional customized hands on therapy ($200)

Flower Essences: Do you feel overwhelmed with life? The gentle support of flower essences help uplift your spirit, calm your mind and give you a new perspective to handle life's challenges. ($75)

Natural Health Consultation: This is customized for each client using the four following holistic health approaches: Herbal remedies, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and Nutrition ($225)

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