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Menopause...In the Red Tent...

The Celts said that a post-menopausal woman was wise because she now kept the precious blood within her--we speculate that a post-menopausal woman is wise because she has menstruated for thirty or forty years, and during that time she was the gatherer of wisdom. Now, having gathered it in, she sits on it and lets it build, fortified by the experience of her lifetime.

The current obesssion with staving off menopause through the use of hormone replacement therapy misses the point that there is an inherent value in ceasing to menstruate.

The Red Tent has gathered together many of the most effective holistic therapies to ease this natural transition, heal your body, mind and soothe your spirit. Please visit our Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy & Mayan Abdominal Massage pages for more information on how The Red Tent's unique recipe for health can ease all that ails you.

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