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Reviving Her Spirit ~ Mind Body Therapies

Mind/Body Therapy~Woman Centered

Liberation Breathing Bring peace, joy, and new awareness to your mind and body while releasing anxiety, pain, and fears through the most essential component of human life—your breath. Connect your inhale and exhale in a gentle, circular rhythm that deeply relaxes while charging your body with blissful life force. Breathwork is done in a reclined comfortable position in a private, quiet space. Please wear non-binding clothing. Virtual option available.

75-minute session ~ $150
Package of 5 ~$600

Past Life Empowerment Sessions Because sometimes you need to know where you've been to figure out where you're going.
Two types of transformational sessions are offered:

  • A Symphony of Soul Mates ~ Past Life Empowerment Session
  • Soul Retrieval Session ~ Discover Your Past & Claim Your Unique Gifts.

Fairy Card Private Reading :
Consult the Fairies, those ancient elemental spirits of the Earth, through the use of the Fairy Oracle Cards. These beings provide us with deep wisdom, guidance, and support, with an energy of Lightness and Joy. These sessions are intended to help you step forward into life with more clarity and self-confidence and Joyful guidance.

Approx. 45 minutes. $60
August Special Rate $30

Soul Connections ~ Reading for 2 Explore your relationship with a friend or loved one. This unique two person reading is designed to reveal a deeper level of knowing and understanding of yourselves, your patterns, the roles you currently play in each others lives, and any past life connections you may have had.
Appointments available in person. Approx 120 min $250

Spiritual Breakthroughs with the Tarot Get to the bottom of big issues ~ FAST! With the help of the tarot, we'll explore your karmic lessons, your challenges, and your spiritual gifts so you can heal your most intimate relationships, including the relationship with yourself.
90 min session $150
Appointments available in person or via telephone.

If you would like support via the Tarot throughout the year, consider this option: A Cycle of Seasons ~ Readings throughout the Year This 12 month package includes one Spiritual Breakthrough Session per month, and a follow up support call per reading. Appointments available by phone, in person, or both.
Sessions run up to 90 min $1500 for the year. Pay in full and receive a bonus Birthday Reading (That’s a $450 savings!!!!)
Payment plans available quarterly with a 40% deposit.

Sacred Energy Balancing Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which provides rejuvenation and relief through the balancing and recalibration of your chakra and subtle energy system. Whether you just need a quick break from the hustle and bustle of life, or you desire to balance and restore your mind, body, and spirit; these sessions will leave you feeling more grounded, vibrant, and focused. 15 - 90 minute sessions available. $35-$150 In person or at a distance.

90 min Alchemy Session These personalized sessions are designed to assist you on your unique journey of transformation and expansion. Learn to tap into your unlimited potential, access your inner wisdom, and transform your inner and outer worlds into what you always imagined they could be.
90 min $150
Spotlight chakra sessions $500 4/sessions
Wheel of the year $554 4/sessions harnessing the power of the equinox and solstices.

Spiritual Guidance & Counseling

Messages from Spirit – gain insight and understanding about the big challenges and patterns in your life. Receive key tools which will enable you to heal and integrate these lessons so you may move forward with the confidence to make clear decisions without second guessing yourself.
90 minutes ~ $100

Empowerment Life Coaching – gain spiritual insight, LOVE the REAL you and show up living your best life! Uncover blocks, discover what is causing you to repeat un-healthy patterns, gain the courage to make strong, prudent choices and live an authentic life.
55 minutes ~ $125
4 session package ~ $400

Hypnosis- allow your conscious mind to relax and access your unconscious while you stay aware and fully engaged. Replace fears, blocks and self-limiting beliefs with positive associations. Improve confidence and motivation. Release insecurities, traumatic experiences, excess weight, addictions. Meet your Spiritual Guides
55 minute ~ $125
5 session package ~ $550

Past Life Empowerment Sessions
Because sometimes you need to know where you've been to figure out where you're going. – having the knowledge of your past lives, releasing the emotional influences and understanding your unconscious motivations will help you live free of unconscious burdens and flourish, feeling worthy of manifesting a healthy, happy life in the present.
85 minutes ~ $150


Astrological Counseling – provides you insight, clarity, and direction as you are guided toward a clear mind, stable emotions and conscious alignment with your life purpose and
authentic self. Each consultation is unique and merges the sacred science of yoga philosophy and the ancient wisdom of astrology. Specializing in: Healing the Past |
Self- Mastery | Life Purpose | Pivotal Transitions | Relationships | Spiritual Guidance
60 minutes ~ $108

Astrology Personal Blueprint – a foundational session and individual horoscope overview of your personal life map. A comprehensive survey of your natal chart that explores the insights, opportunities and challenges that lend meaning and understanding to your life experience.

90 minutes ~ $175

Astrology Relationships/Conscious Parenting – As we better understand the astrological interplay of our relationships and the contributions each individual brings, we become more skillful in our ability to connect and engage in the dynamic flow of life with grace and compassion. In so doing, we can develop a deeper appreciation of our relationships and connection.

[Pre-requisite: Personal Blueprint.] 60 minutes ~ $125

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