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Shakti Spa Electric V Steam machine with far infrared PRE-ORDER

$ 149.00 $ 179.00

Expected in stock 4-6 weeks, November 2016

Imagine there is a place in your home where you can go to be wrapped in warmth and steam, surrounded by the perfume of heated herbs. A place where you can dim the lights and both nourish and heal your female body. A place where you can honor her. With this, you have everything you need to create that space.

This product serves as a 3 in 1 steamer: pelvic, facial and nasal

The V-Steam vaginal steam machine can help with

  • Postpartum care including relieving and healing tears and perineal discomfort
  • Irregular, absent or painful menstruation
  • Stagnant fertility conditions
  • Endometriosis and PCOS
  • Uterine weakness
  • Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and scar tissue
  • Decreasing anal pressure or pain
  • Relief of perineal discomfort
  • Provide moisture and nutrition to the entire face and nasal passages

The V steam internally cleanses vaginal and uterine membranes: releasing toxins, strengthening and toning reproductive organs and cleansing any unshed menses. The V steam features a far infra red light setting which strongly enhances its detoxification benefits.

Other features include: adjustable steam settings, a built in timer with automatically turns the machine off after 35 minutes and a comfortable urethane cushion cover. The product includes a one year warranty and is rated for women up to 900lbs, so goddesses of all sizes can heal themselves.

The vaginal/facial steamer includes: Main body, steam cylinder, facial sauna cup, measuring cup, herb container, 20 Mugwort packs (for detoxification and toning), sauna skirt and a bio-ceramic disk (radiating negative-ions)

Some other product features

  • LED indicator light shows working status
  • Power: AC 110V / 230V
  • A far infra red light with its own control so you can run it with the light or without and the bioceramic disc is also know as tourmaline.
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • 3-in-1: pelvic steam, facial steamer and nose steamer
  • Steam sitz bath - Postpartum care, decreasing anal pressure, relieving anal pain, relief of perineal discomfort, postpartum perineal care
  • Facial steam massage - Providing moisture and nutrition to the entire face
  • Steam volume can be controlled by the steam adjusting lever
  • Three steam volume settings (Low, High and Automatic)
  • Extended steaming is comfortable due to the ergonomic design and soft urethane cushion
  • Built-in timer - Automatically turns off after 35 min.
  • Can be used with mugwort for toning and use with any other herb blends

Cleaning: I use a organic toxic free sanitizer and spray on the seat and column which lifts off easily.
Use a disposable paper face rest cover the kind that is soft and lays flat on the seat. All is washable except the base.

Weight Limits: Manufacturer says its guarantees the product for a year and it also is rated to 900lbs another question I get when I show it because it looks really tiny it is totally fine for larger ladies!

View Lisa's unboxing the V-steam video

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